Loved Ones Support Series

Join us for three mornings of conversation about what it means to support our loved ones with Borderline Personality Disorder

About this Event

The organizers of the Vancouver Peer Support Group (BPD Society of BC) noticed many loved ones attending group shared similar stories, pain, and experiences. While weekly group is a space for both loved ones and people with BPD, we recognize that loved ones face a unique set of challenges that are not often supported by mainstream mental health services. We believe in dialogue between people with lived experience and those who love us, so these meetings will be a space for loved ones to meet each other and to talk with four facilitators who have lived experience of BPD. Additionally, invited speakers will provide additional insight into two areas of caring for loved ones: parenting children with BPD and understanding the relationship of BPD to suicide.


June 9th: Mount Pleasant Library

Round-table check-in to meet each other and the facilitators, followed be a Q&A session. Ask our four facilitators about their experiences with BPD, challenges they’ve had in relationships, what makes things worse or better, and for feedback about difficult situations you might be experiencing.

July 14th: Mount Pleasant Library

Parenting children with BPD. Children (of all ages) with BPD pose unique needs for guided emotion regulation skills, validation, boundaries, and other parenting responsibilities. Self-injury and suicidal ideation and attempts can be traumatic and terrifying for parents and guardians. Learn how two of our facilitators’ moms experienced our early BPD symptoms, and learn from our facilitators about early intervention and prevention of BPD symptoms, as well as how children with BPD might differ from typical childhood development.

August 18th: Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Understanding suicide. Boaz Saffer (M.A.) is a clinical psychology PhD candidate in the Personality, Emotion and Behaviour Lab at the University of British Columbia. He has spent a great deal of his graduate training understanding the factors that contribute to suicidal ideation and attempts, assessing and treating suicide, and how psychiatric disorders like BPD interact with suicide. Join us and Boaz for an open discussion on suicide, and hear from our facilitators and each other about our experiences.

**You are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions, it is not necessary to register for all. Pre-registration is a helpful way for the facilitators to guage how many people will be attending, but drop-ins on the day of are welcome as long as we have not yet reached venue capacity.**

For additional information, contact

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