National Education Alliance for BPD

NEA BPD is a comprehensive hub for the study of BPD. Under the menu “BPD”, you can find information about the disorder, its diagnosistreatmentwhat to look for when starting treatment, and research about BPD.

Family Connections

NEA BPD also supports family members in their relationships with individuals living with BPD. You can watch their “Family Connections” workshop videos here.

Clinical Overview

If you have a background in research or health, you can do your own in-depth research on BPD and treatment, check out the “Clinical Overview” PDF and online videos geared towards clinicians here. Learning about the disorder is often therapeutic in and of itself.

NEA BPD Podcast

A podcast about the science behind BPD.

Global Alliance for Youth, Early Prevention and Intervention

A podcast about the current movement to recognize and treat BPD symptoms and disorder in children and adolescents. Episodes discuss how the disorder presents in children, the controversy of diagnosing personality pathology in childhood, and evidence for the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.

North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders

International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders

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